What is happening in information technology

  • 2018 Feb 01

    1. February's Newletter

    This month's edition focuses around the latest in security, or rather the lack of.

    “One third of the IT pros surveyed reported their security had been bypassed by a cyber attack in 2016.

    Nearly 6 out of 10 respondents reported being aware that their organization was the target of one or multiple cyber attacks during 2016. For more than half of the IT pros who reported experiencing attacks, the security they had in place unfortunately wasn’t enough to stop all of them. 54 percent of those who were targeted suffered one or more successful attacks. 

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  • 2018 Feb 6

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  • 2018 Feb 16

    3.  Florida school shooting hoax: doctored tweets and Russian bots spread false news

    Along with all of the hoaxes going around, so do the virus' and other scams.  Beware and take care!!!

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