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Our Team

M.J. (Mike) Horner, CTech

Mike is the owner of the company and has over 35 years experience in Networking, Security, Hardware and software. He has installed system on everything from boats to planes, cabins to police and fire vehicles

In addition, Mike is our chief web designer and programmer.

Susan Horner

Susan does some of our web work and programming, but mainly deals with office setups and acquisitions

Our Skills

Over 35+ Years Experience

During my 35+ years experience, I have tackled it all. Three (3) foot hard disks, eight (8) inch floppies, ticker tape and punch cards. Now all that data and more will fit onto a chip smaller than your pupil in your eye.

Networking (Wired and Wireless)

Few will remember the old days of Token Ring, Twisted Pair and Lantastic, but that is where I got my start. Today, it is fastEthernet, Fibre or Wireless or a combination of all. Home networks, Office networks, Mobile networks and Cellular networks are all today's necessities. Clubs and other organizations are requiring portable registration stations - we have that covered.

Web Presence

Yes, anyone can throw together a webpage, but to make it work with the smart technology is yet another story. More and more companies are requiring e-commerce sites and they need to be portable - we have that covered.


How many really know what branding is all about? Your company's name and logo tell a story and that story is what attracts people to your door - whether it be brick and mortar or virtual. Let us help you with your concept.

Presentative Maintenance

Your network and computers are no different than your car - they need an occasional tune up and clean up. Stop being frustrated by slow computers, call us today.

Hardware will only sell top shelf computers, monitors, printers and switches. We have found that quality only hurts once and the cheap stuff will continue to drain your wallet.


Your computers and network need to have locks on their doors just like your home. Without them, you are letting those bad guys in to do whatever they want to do - you know, like take your money, ruin your credit, steal your identity. will ensure there are appropriate security measures in place, and couple this with preventative maintenance, your system will be running as secure as secure can be.

Cellular and Mobile Data Solutions

One of our claims to fame is the ability to have you up and working anywhere, anytime. If you work from your remote cabin in the woods or from your boat miles off shore or your RV anywhere in North America, we can make sure you are connected.

Phone Systems

Are you tired of paying ol' Ma Bell hundreds of dollars a year? Most people are and we have a solution for that.

Why US?

    ◘ 35+ years experience

    ◘ We have been there

    ◘ Top shelf hardware

   ◘ Industry aware

    ◘ Have the knowledge pool to back us up

   ◘ You only pay for what we do, not how long it takes

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