Networking Solutions

Avaya Switches and Routers

We feature Avaya switches and routers because they are bullet proof and last.  Many are now fanless and thus, very quiet.

EnGenius  access points

We have teamed up with EnGenuis for all of our outdoor networking solutions. Engenius has now deployed their 640 dual frequency, long range AP and it is working beyond all expectations.

cisco switches and routers

Often thought as the grandfather to networking hardware, CISCO switches and routers are built to last.  

linksys switches and routers

Linksys is our entry level network solution.  While the products are solid, they are often replaced within two years.

dell switches and racks

Dell, known for their fine computers and servers is also in the networking market.  Their switches are rock solid and if purchased as part of your desktop solutions, we can usually get a great buy directly from DELL.

microsoft network software

Microsoft Networks are the backbone of the system.  A network that is easy for you to maintain.